How to Choose a Backpack: Tips to Finding the Right Look and Fit

How to Choose a Backpack: Tips to Finding the Right Look and Fit

What should be considered before you pick a backpack for yourself? Should you focus on just the colour or number of pockets is also an important parameter?  Here’s your guide on how to choose a backpack as choosing a backpack is a skill to hone.

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Most people love to shop, some know how to. Shopping is an art. Especially when there are so many options to choose from. 

They say, “Behind every successful woman is a bag she loves” and we couldn’t agree more. The right bag can make her feel like she owns the world and we are not even exaggerating. 

How can we skip mentioning the excitement of going to a new session at school with a brand new uniform and a NEW BAG? They are like our pals, our identity and the way people connect with us at school. 

Working women need to ensure their all-day essentials are stacked up properly for hectic workdays that lie ahead of them. Backpacks that are vibrant and feature-rich are a plus.

Quick rapid-fire coming your way:

Are you a bag hoarder? Do you have more bags than you need? Is it difficult to close the wardrobe which has all your bags? Do people at school know you have way too many bags? Welcome to the team #WeGotMoreBagsThanWeNeed. 

Bags are a must and good ones are a necessity. Carrying cool backpacks to school is something that is non-negotiable. It’s like armour for us, something that speaks for us before we do it for ourselves. Do we agree girls?

But what should be considered before you pick a backpack for yourself? Should you focus on just the colour or number of pockets is also an important parameter? 

Here’s your guide on how to choose a backpack as choosing a backpack is a skill to hone.

We have shortlisted some of the most

This article is going to help you understand how to choose a backpack and how to do it right, so read along you bag lovers. 

    1. Size
      The size of the bag is a very important factor that should be considered as the first thing when buying a bag. Most backpacks range from 12 to 45 liters. Let’s try and understand what would work best for you: Travel backpacks ranging from 35 to 45 liters; 35 liters if you want to pack light and 45 liters if you want to carry a little more. If you are considering a backpack for school or to carry your laptop to work, a 35L backpack should be enough. Smaller backpacks, ideal for a day should ideally be around 25 liters and daypacks, ideal for carrying essentials for a day should be around 12 liters. Hiking trip? Nothing less than 45 liters+ backpack should be considered. If you are a light packer, even a 25 liters backpack can be taken for weekend trips.

      Size of Backpacks

    1. Colour
      How we see the world is defined by the colours we see around us to a great extent. The colour of the backpack you go for significantly affects your mood, productively & perspectively and should be kept in mind before buying. Different colours influence our mood differently, so you should play safely while buying a backpack of a specific colour. Read more to understand how colours will affect your emotions.
      – Red stands for power and passion and is a great preference for work and business.
      – Black is associated with classy, powerful and even calm and serene.
      – Purple is connected with creative minds and someone who wants to stand out.

    1.  Purpose
      Your life and your bag, both need to have a purpose. You need to know where you are headed in life and in general so that you carry the right bag along. Carry something too small or too big, both will make you super irritated. Carry the perfect bag for the occasion and live happily ever after, here’s how:
      – School
      If bags could have a ranking, this category would top in the ranking of importance. New sessions mean a new uniform, classroom, notebooks and a NEW BAG. A bag that’s going to set you apart from your other schoolmates. Look for trendy, colourful, spacious, and one with multiple compartments for your books, tiffin, bottle and stationery. Your school bag has to be more organised than you are if you want to make it to school.
      – Laptop
      Laptop bags should have a different approach. For starters, they should create a powerful look. Secondly, they should have enough padding to protect your laptop. Easily accessible front pockets in laptop bags are a game-changer. The happiness one gets from sliding their hands into a pocket and being able to find what they were looking for is priceless and can’t be put into words.
      – Daypack
      The smallest ones in the backpack families are adorable and super portable.
      Daypacks are ideal for a day-long trip where you want your essentials at your reach. As the name suggests, these are bags that you carry for a day-long commitment. Big enough to carry all the essentials you might need and handy enough to ensure they are convenient to carry your stuff. Along with their utility, always consider a pop of colour, your wardrobe won’t mind it.
      – Small backpacks
      Generously sized backpacks to keep things you need on the go. Neither too big nor too small, just perfect. Not always you have to carry the entire house along, for times like these, small backpacks are just right. They are still backpacks, just a more accommodative size.

    1. Style matters
      You can’t buy happiness but you can go for a stylish bag and it’s more or less the same thing. Only our mothers may disagree with the above statement. While choosing a backpack, it is super important to identify if it matches your style, elevates it or compliments it. The bag you carry is an accessory that can make or break your look. Never undermine the sass a backpack can add to your #OOTD. Always consider how the bag’s style is in tandem with the latest ongoing trends. At school, a lot of dressing up is out of the question, however, a lot can be done to make your style quotient happy with a cool backpack! While finalising a bag; do keep in mind if the bag’s print and style will stay relevant for months to come. The bag has to very futuristic and trendy to be a part of your wardrobe in the near future. Never invest in a bag which reflects a dead trend.

    1.  Material
      The material of the bag is like its heart and soul. The entire functioning depends on what it is made of. You are a bold and independent woman, made of confidence and grit, the same should reflect via your bag’s material. The most preferred material for backpacks is nylon. Nylon is durable, rough and tough, waterproof and extremely convenient for travelling plans like trekking and hiking. Denim is also a common option after nylon as its fashionable. but extremely lightweight. Overall, the bag should be ergonomic in nature, in simpler terms; designed efficiently with comfort in mind.

    1. Compartments and pockets
      Having compartments and pockets helps you organise your stuff better. Otherwise, it’s the easiest thing to get lost amidst the stuff in your backpack. A different pocket for a laptop ensures its safety. Different compartments help you find stuff easily and make the whole process hassle-free. Keeping everything together can be a serious mood killer when you need something urgently. Compartmentalisation comes really handy during such times.Having convenient and plenty zipped pockets is a sign of a well made backpack.  For example, at school we have so many things to be carried; from stationery to books, tiffin, water bottle etc. With different pockets, it’s always easy to designate a place to every category and ensure the backpack has everything sorted for you.

    1. Weight
      While we look at the weight, 2 things should be considered. a) The weight that the bag can carry and b) The weight of the bag itself. When planning long trips, both a) and b) are very crucial, for comparatively shorter trips or daily commitments, b) plays a more vital role. When buying a backpack offline, always put some weight in it and try it on, helps you understand how much weight it will be able to carry better. A backpack that is jam-packed should not weigh more than 20% of your weight. And a hiking backpack should not be more than 10% of your body weight as you need to carry it along most of the time with you.

    1. Resistance against water
      Your bag’s primary purpose is to protect what it carries. To ensure the same, the bag has to be sturdy enough and being water-resistant is basic. When you step out, the bag is exposed to everything under the sky and you should be relaxed when this happens. Be it the sun or heavy rains if your bag is water-resistant, you can be assured while carrying it with you for long travels or uncertain treks where dust and dirt accompany you without saying. Best backpacks are those which are waterproof and those which won’t get discoloured because of the sun. For backpackers on adventure, their most important gears are in their backpack. The backpack in cases like these has to protect all the essentials from water at any cost. Water resistant backpacks have a lot of padding which in turn helps in organising well and offers a lot of extra space as another underrated benefit.

    1. Padding
      A good travel backpack should come with padded shoulders and back. Padding means more comfort and easy travel. Here’s something you should keep in mind while checking the padding out; thick padded straps provide comfort & support. Thin padding offer flexibility and mesh straps provide better ventilation.

  1. Length of the trip
    If you’re only going on a trek or a place with uneven terrain then lightweight should be your priority. If you are going for a day trip, a small backpack or a daypack that is stylish and can store your essentials should be your go-to option. The bag should make the trip more convenient and hassle-free rather than being a pain for you.

    The right bag is easy to carry in itself, even when containing a lot of stuff. For longer trips, your backpack should be able to keep more and still be easy to carry. Backpacks with multiple pockets, compartments and zips help in packing well for longer trips as more organisation can be done which in turn helps in ensuring your essentials are in your reach and can be found easily.

We hope this article helps you bag the right bag, with all the important things considered and if you do fall in love with a bag, buy two please, one for you and one for us. Happy Shopping!