The Best Laptop Backpacks for Women in 2022

The Best Laptop Backpacks for Women in 2022

We give a list of the best laptop backpacks for women, a mixed bunch of stylish, ergonomic and spacious pieces that will make heads turn in your office space while giving you more than enough space to carry your essentials.
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We are almost halfway through 2022, offices have resumed and we are back to the 9 to 5 grind. If that isn’t it, then those opting for hybrid and remote work are acquainting themselves with nooks & corners of cafes and community tables. All in all, it’s time for everyone to head back to work, almost like it was in the pre-pandemic world.

Women are back to their “back to the office” looks and this isn’t limited to just their outfits; they are also carrying accessories that seamlessly fit into their daily lives and allow them to have everything they need to resume normalcy. In such situations, it is only fair that they bring the best laptop backpacks of 2022 to ease the change of pace.

In this article, we give a list of the best laptop backpacks for women, a mixed bunch of stylish, ergonomic and spacious pieces that will make heads turn in your office space while giving you more than enough space to carry your essentials.

Products Why Buy
Genie Emma Backpack Stylish and spacious; perfect for first timer at work
Genie Sakura Backpack Easy to carry, ideal for Monday meetings and casual Fridays
Genie Zim Zam Backpack The exterior looks great and comes with a front pocket for easy access everyday essentials
Ikea Droemsaeck Sturdy and minimal; for the seasoned office goer
Wildcraft Resa For those who love mixing work and play; doubles up as a weekend getaway backpack
Mokobora The Backpack Minimal and comes in a variety of colors
Genie Cherish A statement maker with extra pockets for all your everyday stuff
Jaypore Handcrafted Recycled Canvas Leather Perfect for those who like showoff their creative side and have picked a sustainable life
Mokobora The Backpack Pro The corporates and creatives will love the look; it has space for laptops and extra office supply
Genie Sweet Orange The perfect amalgamation of style and space; it gives an old school 90s vibe but with ample pockets

1. Genie Emma Backpack

Eye-catching and spacious, Emma is perfect for those women who have just entered the professional world. The bag blends conventional with modern; the black exterior with chic designs make it perfect for the everyday office-goer. The pockets give it that extra space and the shoulder straps are ideal for those who have longer commutes to work. Its nylon twill fabric makes it water-resistant, hence keeping your belongings safe in case of a spillage, but only for a little while.

Verdict: Emma is stylish, convenient, expansive, and extremely chic. It is bound to make a great first impression, especially for your first job

Genie Emma Backpack

Image Courtesy: Genie Bags

You can buy it here.

2. Genie Sakura Backpack

You can never go wrong with a shade like Sakura pink; it transports you to the cherry-blossom fields of Japan, doesn’t it? Imagine having a backpack as bright as the flowers in your everyday office life. It’s like a wave of spunk but with enough space for your laptop, keys, notebook, and a makeup pouch! The extra shoulder padding only make it more comfortable and it is extremely lightweight so no extra baggage for the office-goer.

Verdict: It’s colorful, sturdy, and unapologetically you; the perfect sidekick for a woman with style, ambition, and great taste.

Genie Sakura Backpack

Image Courtesy: Genie Bags

You can buy it here.

3. Genie Zim Zam Black

Anything chevron is always on trend! Genie’s Zim Zam Black backpack comes with a padded laptop sleeve, keeping all your technology safe, and stretch-mesh pockets for your water bottles, making it an accessory for when you play. It’s great for office days and weekend picnics and is among the best laptop backpacks for women this 2022. 

Verdict: The perfect amalgamation of style, space, and comfort.

Genie ZimZam Backpack

Image Source: Genie Bags

You can buy it here.

4. Ikea Droemsaeck

A classic backpack that holds everything: laptop, lunchbox, and even your training gear. It’s a steal for those who have opted for a minimal sustainable life since the bag is made of recycled polyester.  With a brand like Ikea, you will not go wrong with this purchase; other than ample of storage and the 90% recycled material, the backpack comes with funky pocket spaces, for instance a small one on the strap for cards and phones.

Verdict: Strong, sturdy, and sustainable with a hint of style.

Ikea Backpack

You can buy it here

5. Wildcraft Resa

The Resa Motorcycle Backpack isn’t for the faint-hearted; an ergonomic design with a multi-level organizer, this backpack is for more than laptops; it can hold gear and has hooks and loops for the adventure lover. It is ideal for those women who work hybrid, often mixing adventure with work. Other than the dedicated laptop space, it comes with integrated on-the-go quick access side pockets on both sides and contoured backpack straps for all the comfort.

Verdict: Comes with a multi-level organizer that eliminates clutter. Buy this if you are mixing work and play. But if you prefer smaller backpacks, this one is not for you.

Wildcraft Backpack

You can buy it here

6. Genie Cherish 

It’s red with bold and unapologetic plastered all over! Genie’s Cherish Laptop is for girls and women who want to make a statement in their personal and professional life. While it comes with its functional bits like the padded straps and laptop sleeve, its color is what makes it stand apart from the crowd. You cannot go wrong with this backpack, it is a fashion necessity and wardrobe essential for the modern women of 2022.

Verdict: A powerful statement-making bag with a purposeful design. A perfect laptop backpack for women in 2022.

Genie Cherish Backpack

Image Source: Genie Bags

You can buy it here

7. Jaypore Handcrafted Recycled Canvas Leather

Jaypore’s canvas leather laptop backpack is the perfect accessory for the casual bohemian dresser at work. It’s recycled but comes with very few pockets. It serves a great look with its charming exterior, very vintage and artsy. It will fit your laptop and maybe just a few more essentials but that’s all!

Verdict: If it’s style over utility, this is a great backpack. It’s vegan and in muted shades with ample space for your laptop and a few other smaller accessories. But beware, if you are the kind who works in a corporate serious space, this backpack may be a little too whimsical and off-beat.

You can buy it here

8. Mokobara The Backpack Pro

An updated version of The Backpack, the pro comes with a set of new features: a key holder, strap and buckle, and premium feel. It has more space and makes for a great everyday backpack for women resuming their corporate lifestyles.

Verdict: A little steep in the price range but comes with ample space and is available in different colors. First-timers can skip this and opt for something a little more economical and spacious.

You can buy it here

9. Genie Sweet Orange

Ladies, who said your laptop backpack needs to be a boring basic sold color? Behold Genie’s Sweet Orange, a burst of prints, taking you back to the 90s era of stickers and happy designs. The bag is more than eye candy, it comes with all the space and features you need to brighten up your everyday work outfit.

Verdict: Bold, beautiful, and super functional. This one is a keeper, especially for those who adore the 90s; its style meets space, all in one.

Genie Sweet Orange Backpack

Image Source: Genie Bags

You can buy it here.

There are a multitude of laptop backpacks out there but ladies, we recommend choosing Genie; it comes in an array of designs & colors and with functional space; the side pockets, laptop compartments, easy access front pockets, all of this make Genie among the best laptop backpacks for women in 2022.