The 20 Best Stylish Backpacks for Women 2022

The 20 Best Stylish Backpacks for Women 2022

With the market flooded with a plethora of options, it is hard to pick one that aids to all your needs while looking classy and cool. We give you a list of 20 stylish backpacks for women, spread across multiple brands like Genie, American Tourister, and Safari. These are among some of the most trendy backpacks for the stylish women of today.

Some things never go out of style and backpacks are among them. With remote working becoming the new normal, it is only natural for women to opt for backpacks that are perfectly utilitarian and trendy. Backpacks act as the perfect accessory with ample space; from multiple storage pockets to compartments for laptops and easy-to-carry straps, most backpacks for women are an investment. Gone are the days of bulky and heavy bags, the best backpacks for women are now sleek, spacious, and extremely stylish.  

With the market flooded with a plethora of options, it is hard to pick one that aids to all your needs while looking classy and cool. We give you a list of 20 stylish backpacks for women, spread across multiple brands like Genie, American Tourister, and Safari. These are among some of the most trendy backpacks for the stylish women of today.

  1. Genie Laptop Backpack
    Step away from the same old boring blacks & blue and opt for something a lot more stylish. Genie laptop bags come in a plethora of colors and are among the most stylish backpacks for women out there. Lightweight with adjustable straps and space for a 15 inches laptop, these are water-resistant and, above all, the most versatile backpacks for women in the market.

    Verdict: It’s everything you need in a backpack: space, style, and a bunch of colors to choose from. 
    Genie Bags
    Take your pick here.

  2. Caprese Backpack
    Cute, casual, and perfect for everyday use, Caprese backpacks come in a variety of sizes and colors. The faux leather makes it extremely durable and adjustable straps make it easy to carry. A stylish addition to every fashionista’s wardrobe, these backpacks for women are a great blend of style and utility.

    Verdict: A great buy for every fashionista out there.
    They are available in a variety of colors here.

  3. Safari Quill
    A step ahead of basic backpacks, Safari bags are among the best backpack brands from women out there. The Safari Qull boasts of ample space, storage pockets, and a section for your 17-inch laptop. This stylish backpack for women is the perfect blend of stylish meets utilitarian.
    Verdict: If you need some pockets, this backpack is for you!
    It can be purchased here.

  4. Lino Perros
    Pastel lovers unite for these cute little stylish backpacks for women. Contemporary designs and spacious interiors make these backpacks the perfect accessory for the modern woman. Your essentials can easily fit into the sleek design and multiple compartments.

    Verdict: Cute and contemporary and an easy addition to your wardrobe.
    You can view and purchase the collection here

  5. Isle Locada by Hidedesign
    A brand that boasts of high-quality leather, Hidedesign’s atelier brand Isle Locada is a style statement all the way. The backpacks are designed artfully,in interesting hues with compartment and pocket space. These make for a great casual Friday wardrobe addition.

    Verdict: A classy and premium backpack, perfect for office and play
    Check out the collection here

  6. Harriet Backpack, Acessorize London
    A slinky black, faux leather backpack with a laptop sleeve, this stylish backpack for women is a 2022 must-have. Complete with classy golden zips and a boxy compartment, the Harriet backpack is perfect for remote working from a cafe to date night.

    Verdict: Looks cute but not as much space for too many things.
    You can get it here

  7. American Tourister Casual Backpack
    A mix of hip and edgy, these stylish backpacks for women focus on providing more space. With a palette of dark colors, these backpacks make for great work use and even for a casual day out. These backpacks come with comfortable straps as well, perfect for long days.
    Verdict: Edgy and colorful with comfortable straps.
    Choose one from here

  8. Samsonite Karissa
    A cut above the rest, this backpack is for those who want to splurge on stylish backpacks for women.  With a drawstring to shut the bag, these backpacks are more about trend than actual space but make for a great accessory.
    Verdict: Expensive with really little space but looks cut.
    You can check out the colors here.

  9. Genie Spritz Navy
    A crowd-pleaser, this Genie backpack comes with a top opening zipper, perfect for easy access to your stuff. Genie is among the best backpack brands for women and this particular piece is a showstopper on its own. The nylon material gives the backpack an extra shine and it comes with space for a laptop and notebook, among other essentials, making it the perfect combination of style and space.
    Verdict: The favourite one around; ample space, great colors, and easy to carry.

    Grab this here

  10. Baggit
    A summer tan color, Baggit’s zip-closure backpack is sophistication molded into a stylish backpack for women.  With dual compartments and one front zip, this backpack is the perfect summer buy. This brand also has other options, similar in style and boasting of minimal features. You can purchase the tan bag here and check more of the collection here

    Verdict: A summer accessory with minimal features.

  11. Skybag New Neon
    An easy everyday essential, Skybag’s New Neon comes with a capacity of 30 liters, enough to pack a whole lot, even for a quick overnight work trip. This stylish backpack for women is trendy, cool and the material makes it shine. The bag’s biggest USP though is space; you can purchase it here.

    Verdict: A simple bag with lots of space.

  12. Marks & Spencer Leather Backpack
    A classic black and gold combination, this stylish backpack for women fits laptops and essentials within its zipped pockets inside and out. The flap with secure magnetic fastening makes it easy and accessible while the adjustable padded straps add comfort.

    Verdict: A classy-looking bag, a perfect summer takeaway.
    Check it out here.

  13. Wildcraft Backpacks
    Pops of colors make Wildcraft backpacks a hit among women nowadays. These stylish backpacks work perfectly well for casual outings and ever for work. They are compact with compartments and padded shoulder straps that make them comfortable to hold even after long hours. They also come with a provision of a water bottle and offer a whole lot of space.  The bags can easily be purchased on most e-commerce websites.
    Verdict: Lots of colors to choose from.
  14. Tommy Hilfiger Backpacks
    A well-known brand, Tommy Hilfiger is an easy choice for women who like something classy. The bags are designed with a set palette of easy color combinations, focusing on professional color palettes. A padded back cushion makes it comfortable for long hours. The entire range of the bags with its colors and styles can be seen here.

    Verdict: Classy and stylish but not utilitarian

  15. Genie Miami
    For those who love a pop of print and color, Genie Miami is your perfect backpack! A sweet pink with tropical prints, this stylish backpack for women comes with side pockets and space for a tablet. This is perfect for those who stick to remote working from the likes of a cafe. The bag is lightweight and definitely a show stopper.

    Verdict: The perfect addition to your backpack collection and very stylish with space for everything.

    Purchase this cute bag here

  16. Gear Triumph Gear has long been known to create and innovate, especially when it comes to accessories. The prints and colors of Triumph are extremely adorable and make it a perfect everyday carry. With three main compartments, 26 liters carrying capacity and padded straps, this stylish backpack for women is the perfect amalgamation of style and space.

    Verdict: Spacious and stylish

    Grab it here

  17. Lavie
    Among the many backpack brands for women, Lavie has some stylish options.  While the Atlas and Lavanya backpacks are all about style with tiny pockets and single compartments, the Nautical Daf backpack comes with multiple zips and storage space for your laptop, notebooks, and even everyday accessories. Check out this brand for more backpack options for women.

    Verdict: Multiple kinds of backpacks,something for everyone.
  18. Safari Seek
    A one-of-a-kind backpack that turns into a perfect overnight suitcase when needed, the Safari Seek is a must-have for all those women who plan to travel for work and pleasure this year.  Not only can it hold a laptop up to 17-inches but also comes with spacious interiors and twin strap packing for more space.
    Verdict: A unique spacious bag, perfect for office and overnight trips.
    Check it out here

  19. Crafts My Dream Backpack
    A lesser-known brand, Crafts My Dream uses canvas cotton fabric for its stylish backpacks for women. The floral prints, buckle closure and pockets make it an easy everyday backpack. Although it looks small, this backpack can hold up to all essentials and even double up as an overnight bag, if the need be.
    Verdict: Everyday easy backpacks in floral colors.

    You can purchase it here

  20. Chumbak Backpack
    A pop of color with a bohemian aesthetic is Chumbak’s overall vibe. Their stylish backpacks for women are pop, multi-zipper, and have ample space to store all kinds of things, from your laptop to books and everyday essentials. Its USP is the prints that make it stand out in a sea of similar things. Check the collection out here.

    Verdict: A bright and bold addition to your backpack collection.

    From stylish to spacious, there are many options out there for women who’d like to ditch the handbag and opt for a stylish backpack this season. Make sure to pick something that provides space and goes with your personality; the Genie backpack is one that will tick all the boxes and is the perfect balance between trend, style and space.

    Whether you are remote working or planning an overnight work trip, we’ve got you covered with everything. Ladies, choose your backpack wisely!